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10 Insane Russian Military Inventions

Russian military always planned to create the most powerful as well as destructive weapons which were cheap and could be easily produced. Given below are the names of some crazy inventions of Russian Military which were brutal and had very expensive concepts implemented in them.

10. Tsar Bomba

In the year 1961, on 30th of October, Soviet Union created the most strong and disastrous weapon. It was a hydrogen bomb AN602A also known as “Tsar Bomba”. It was a large and unhandy Russian weapon. The Tsar Bomba was capable of exploding a yield between 50-60 megatons. Its power was 1,500 times more than the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it was 10 times more than the total explosive power used during World War II. The bomb could destroy all the nearby villages and had the ability to break windows from a distance of more than 700 miles. This weapon was tested only once.

The Tsar Bomba mushroom cloud
The Tsar Bomba mushroom cloud © wikipedia.org

9. Object 279

There were many vehicles which were designed by the Soviet engineers but that was not survivable. The object 279 was a heavy tank that was used to bear up the shock wave during a nuclear blast. The weight of the tank was 60 tons and it could carry four crews and it had the ability to travel just about the ground and it can withstand chemical as well as biological attacks. It was a huge tank and was very expensive.

Object 279 in the Kubinka Tank Museum
Object 279 in the Kubinka Tank Museum © wikipedia.org

8. T-42 Superheavy Tank

During the interwar time, it was seen that there was a frantic race who was building huge and powerful super tank. Then the Soviet entered in this madness and created something named T-24 in the year 1930. It was created by the engineer Edward Grotte. This beast had a weight of 100 tons and could carry 14 crews, and there were three turrets which carried heavy or light guns.

Left profile draft of T-42 tank
Left profile draft of T-42 tank © wikimedia.org

7. Anti-Tank Dogs

The Soviet used mined dogs, that is, they used to train their dogs and put mines on their backs, these dogs would run under tanks and then explode. These anti-tank dogs destroyed more than 300 vehicles. But this was a failed plan because the dogs used to explode under the very first tank which they saw.

Anti-Tank Dog
Anti-Tank Dog © todayifoundout.com

6. Zveno Flying Aircraft Carrier

This aircraft was designed to attack the small parasite fighters and large host plane. There were 10 aircraft that built using TB-3 bomber as well as many small fighters. This aircraft flew for 30 missions in the Second World War.

Between 1917 and 1942, the Soviet Union experimented with the idea of flying aircraft carriers
Between 1917 and 1942, the Soviet Union experimented with the idea of flying aircraft carriers © militaryhistorynow.com

5. Antonov A-40 Flying Tank

This flying A-40 was lighter in weight and had glider wings. It was designed with the idea of tugging the tank with the aircraft and then it can be released in the desired area. But there was no assurance that both the tank as well as the crew would be able to land together and it can get destroyed while landing together. Later the tank was removed from the cargo plane and used a parachute to land the crew.

The only known photo of the Antonov A-40
The only known photo of the Antonov A-40 © wikipedia.org

4. Kozlov PS Invisible Plane

This plane was made to be invisible. Sergei Kozlov, who was a professor in the Soviet Union, took off the fabric covering of the wings and the fuselage and then it was replaced with a plastic material which was transparent. Then this opaque structure was mixed with white paint as well as the dust of aluminum to make the plane look literally invisible. The plan though worked but still, there were drawbacks as the dirt and dust reduced the effect of stealth.

3. Fractional Orbital Bombardment system

This program was developed so that these missiles could enter the lower orbit of the earth and de-orbit them to attack. These missiles had the power of attacking anything at any time as they already in the orbit and their path of flight cannot be reduced. This weapon was banned later on.

Fractional Orbital Bombardment
Fractional Orbital Bombardment © weaponsandwarfare.com

2. Lun-class ekranoplan

This is neither a hovercraft nor an aircraft. It is called as “ground effect aircraft”. They are basically termed as ships but it doesn’t have wings or tail. The invention was built with three military services and had anti-ship missiles.

1. Ushakov Flying Submarine

It was an aircraft with three engines, and it would seal the outer hull and dive, and it could fire from its torpedoes. It was a submarine which could fly or the plane which had the capability of going underwater.

Model of Ushakov Flying Submarine
Model of Ushakov Flying Submarine © hague6185.wordpress.com

Though the Russian Military invented some really insane weapons, most of them failed due to their high destructive capability. They focused more on the weapons which were brutal like tanks, guns, planes etc.

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