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About Us

We believe that the most important call of humankind is discovering the truth. We are a group of people from Romania passionate about history, always in search of truth. Therefore, History Key is a project that delivers stories, opinions and theories from the past.

It is not only about the past. There is more to us than just the past. It is about delivering you the best and real historical facts. Your knowledge is our ambition. We are publishing fresh articles daily in order to increase your knowledge.

Together we contribute to form the future. For tomorrow being a better day than today, we have to know what happened in the past. In this manner, we will not repeat the same mistakes.

Mission: With the power of the internet we intend to democratize history. We want to involve multiple voices, reach to multiple audiences and to encourage people to give more importance to the past.

If you are passionate as we are and you want to get involved, feel free to contact us at contact@historykey.com and we will get back to you as soon we can.  

History Key is a project initiated, developed and operated by ZIGZAG PK SRL