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The final Battle in the Greco-Turkish War (August 30, 1922)

The Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, also called the Asia Minor Catastrophe by the Greeks or the Turkish War of Independence in Turkey, was a series of military events that occurred during the partition of the Ottoman Empire after WWI. The conflict was fought between Greece and the Turkish national movement.

Trench warfare during the Greco-Turkish War
Trench warfare during the Greco-Turkish War © Image Source: Wikipedia

In this article, we will write about the last battle of the Greco-Turkish war which occurred on August 30, 1922. The Battle of Dumlupinar was fought from 26 to 30 August, near Dumlupinar, a town and a district of Kutahya Province from Turkey.


Unable to fight as they wanted to, Greece has requested help from the Allies in the last two years of war. Unfortunately for the Greeks in 1922, the British, Italians and French have concluded that the Treaty of Sevres was inapplicable and has to be revised. Therefore, Greeks saw themselves alone in front of their enemy.

Greek soldiers on 29 August, west of Kara Hisâr
Greek soldiers on 29 August, west of Kara Hisar © Image Credit: Wikipedia

It was clear that the Greeks had to withdraw around Izmir in order to defend themselves. However, the Greek decision was to stay in position and make a plan to occupy Constantinople. The Allies opposed this courageous plan and the Greeks were forced to abandon it.

Victory Day

The Turks launched a counterattack on August 26. On the same day, the main Greek defensive positions were conquered and by August 30 the Greek army was completely defeated. Half of the Greek soldiers were taken prisoners and most of the military equipment was lost during the battle. August 30 is also celebrated as the Victory Day in Turkey.

Commanders of Turkish Army
Commanders of Turkish Army © Image Source: Wikipedia

The Battle of Dumlupinar ended the Greek presence in Anatolia. By the end of September, the Turks recaptured all the territories lost in front of the Greeks since May 1919. According to Greek Directorate of Army History, the Greek army lost 24,240 lives and had over 48,000 injured soldiers during the Greco-Turkish War. The Turkish casualties numbered about 13,000 deaths and 35,000 wounded.

Greek POW officers in Ankara, 29 September 1922.
Greek POW officers in Ankara, 29 September 1922 © Image Credit: Wikipedia

Greece was forced to accede the Armistice of Mudanya which was also signed by Turkey, France and Great Britain.

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