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The day when people “Discovered the Aliens” (July 7, 1947)

This day is known in history as the date when a “flying disc” object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The next day, Roswell Daily Record announced the “capture” of that specific object which basically triggered the Roswell Incident.

If you’ve ever heard of aliens in the form of “green men”, you probably know about them because of what’s been in the history of the “Roswell Incident”. In 1947, the incident triggered the alien conspiracies all over the world.

Do you believe in aliens?

The WWII had just ended and the US and Soviet Union just started the race to conquer space and the aliens were the most intriguing subject to conquer the first page on every newspaper. “The Green Men” discovered at Roswell by the US Army were held in Area 51 and according to some testimonials, a UFO collapsed at Roswell before that.

Roswell Daily Record from July 9, 1947 detailing the Roswell UFO incident
Roswell Daily Record from July 9, 1947 detailing the Roswell UFO incident © Image Source: Wikipedia

The US Army would have recovered the extraterrestrial remains, including corpses from an unidentified flying object (UFO) in July 1947. However, since the late 1970s, the incident has been the subject of huge controversy, but especially of conspiracy theories about the real provenance of the plane. Many people in the region testified that in the night of the collapse they saw an enormous light disc, but of course, during that time anyone who wanted to become famous was enough to sustain things like that.

UFO Festival

The official version of the story is that the army recovered the remains of an experimental surveillance balloon that belonged to a secret program called “the Mogul.” Indeed, the object was unidentified for the inhabitants of the area, but not for authorities.

This didn’t stop the inhabitants to develop all sorts of meaning for Roswell. Since the 1970s, a festival runs from July 3 – July 7 in Roswell and the participants usually talk about NASA’s hidden truths and all sorts of conspiracy theories. The audience is attracted by the costume parade, live concerts and visiting the UFO Museum.

UFO Festival, Roswell, US
UFO Festival, Roswell, US © Image Source:

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At the time of the Roswell incident, Air Force said on July 8 that they recovered a “metallic disk” and the local newspaper turned the story into a UFO piloted by aliens. However, they withdraw the initial statement and came with another story: the meteorological balloon. However, the story disappeared until the 70s, when in the middle of the Cold War, the theory came back that the “balloon” was just a scam of the authorities.

 This photo, from the Air Force's 'The Roswell Report', shows one of test dummies in its insulation bag
This photo, from the Air Force’s ‘The Roswell Report’, shows one of test dummies in its insulation bag © Image Source:

For almost five decades, the US authorities have ignored the rumors and the conspirators and supported the official version. But in 1994 the US Air Force published a 1000-page report which explained what happened during that incident and sustained their official theory. And by 1997 the case was closed and it stated there was no evidence that aliens or UFO remains were found in Roswell.

The interesting fact is that the Roswell incident was also investigated by the FBI at that time. Agent Guy Hottel wrote in his report that three flying saucers with a diameter of about 15 m were discovered in the area and another three alien bodies were found in each of the flying objects. The document is still available on FBI’s website and is certainly interesting, but it doesn’t prove anything.

Subject - Guy Hotel
Subject – Guy Hotel © Image Source:

Guy Hottel also said that the informant, whose identity was censored by the FBI, claimed that flying saucers were discovered in New Mexico because the government had very powerful radar in the area and probably interfered with the UFO control mechanism.

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