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5 of the most Evil Women in History

From ancient times until nowadays, there were several cases of  greatly evil women (we’re not referring to Mothers-in-law). History Key presents you five female characters, representing five examples of venom and madness.

5. Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch on the witness stand in Dachau courtroom
Ilse Koch on the witness stand in Dachau courtroom © Image Source: Wikipedia/Pinterest/LIFE/tumbrl

Born on 22 September 1906, Ilse was also known by two nicknames: “Buchenwälder Schlampe” and ”Die Hexe von Buchenwald”, meaning ”The bitch of Buchenwald” and ”The witch of Buchenwald”. Her husband was Karl-Otto Koch, the commander of the Buchenwald extermination camp, located near Weimar, Germany. Ilse was known for her passion for ”human souvenirs”. She used to collect the tattooed skin from the murdered Jew inmates. At some point, she collected so many, that some kind of improvised museum was built inside Buchenwald, in order to host all the 250,000 marks taken from the murdered. She was also accused of using human leather in order to manufacture desk lamps. She committed suicide by hanging, in 1967, while she was incarcerated in prison.

4. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory Portret, 1580
Elizabeth Bathory Portret, 1580 © Image Source: elizabethbathory.org

Born in 1560, her full name was Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed, and she was a countess coming from the famous Bathory family, nobles from the Kingdom of Hungary. She gained the title of the most prolific female serial killer in history, gaining also the nickname ” Blood Countess”. She used to sacrifice her young female housemaids in order to use their blood to bath. She was convinced that by taking baths using young blood, she would never grow old. She was also known for all kind of tortures and severe treatments, including body mutilations, burnings and cruel beatings. She wasn’t put on trial because of her status.

3. Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England
Queen Mary I of England © Antonis Mor/Image Source: Wikipedia

Queen of England and Ireland reigned from July 1553 until her death in 1558. She was brutal in the persecution of Protestants, so cruel that the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ fitted perfectly to her. Queen Mary is remembered for violently returning England to Catholicism, that being the moment for the Protestant revolt, which was drained in blood. Many Protestants had to leave the country, returning only after her death.

2. Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness with children
Belle Gunness with children © Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/Pinterest

Not an easy task to wrestle and fight a six feet tall and 91 kg woman, isn’t it? That was the stature of Belle Gunness, one of the most notorious American female serial killer. She was a strong woman with Norwegian origins, who killed almost everyone around her: both her husbands and all of her children, suitors, boyfriends and other two daughters. The killings took place in different times, but the motive was always the same: greed. She conducted the killings in order to collect the money from life insurance, and to cancel her debts. She went down in history with a number of killings located between 20 and 100, because many of them are only presumed but never directly connected to her.

1. Beverly Allitt

Beverly Allitt History Key Colage
Beverly Allitt © Image Source: Murderpedia/Pinterest/The Sun

Between February and April 1991, Beverly was in a killing rage. She was a nurse at the Grantham and Kevesten Hospital in Lincolnshire, UK. During her 59 days of gruesome activity, she administered to several hospitalized children large doses of insulin.  She also used to inject the children with air bubbles through the perfusion, in order to provoke their death. Unfortunately, the real number of her victims couldn’t be certified, but the investigations could identify the death of 4 children and the attempt murder of other 3. In 1993, she received 13 life sentences for the proved crimes. She was nicknamed by the media ”Angel of Death”.


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