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Five Incredible High-Tech Weapons

Nowadays we can’t make the difference between what is real and what is not when it comes to weapons. We are not talking about spaceships, laser beams, or the tanks from ”Fury” (those colored lasers were atrocious). We are referring to the weapons in use today, the ones we see in the movies and we don’t believe that they could exist, or those that will be in use in the near future.

Here we have a top 5 built around some incredible weapons, we let you judge if they will be something incredible or something boring, already old if compared to what the movies show us.

5. Corner Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher

Recently it was possible only in some cartoons, but now the weapon capable of shooting around the corner is a reality. Equipped with a digital video screen for targeting, the weapon would cover 150 meters range with a 60mm round.


4. Digital Revolver

Some of us are used with the old Nintendo pistol, which was more likely a toy pistol with a small bulb, but now in the digital era, weapon engineers are capable of very strange and high-tech solutions, far away from that ’80 Nintendo pistol and its 8bit ducks. A digital revolver is now available, but what would mean ”digital revolver”? You can control the pistol via a dedicated high-tech smartwatch that requires fingerprint authorization from the owner.

Armatrix digital revolver
Armatrix digital revolver ©

3. Mechanical Combat Suit

Something similar was presented in the 1959 sci-fi classic ”Starship Troopers’’, and eventually presented in many other movies or publications. But the DARPA, the Pentagon’s research branch, developed something real and apparently ”usable” for tests. We already saw something similar to the Metal Gear Solid video game.


2. Lasers

Good old lasers, eh? They accompanied us all through childhood, but now they seem to be closer than ever. The LaWS or ”Laser Weapon System” is already under test by the US Navy. During 2014 some ”operational demonstrations” of the laser were made, showing its capability of shooting down targets like drones or small boats.

LaWS laser system
LaWS laser system ©

1. Robots

Most likely robots will become the ultimate weapon, or we would become robots, or robots will be the only “survivors”. Ok, let’s skip that kind of analysis, and take account that some operational military robots are already deployed. The Boston Dynamics Company, developed some incredible prototypes for the US army. If you would search after some video made by them, you will truly understand that the future is already here.

Boston Dynamics military robot
Boston Dynamics military robot ©

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