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A King’s chronic Masturbation Problem: Christian VII of Denmark

Ok, masturbation, from where do we start? We think that it would be better if we will stick it to a single story. So, what would you say if we told you about a king who was masturbation addict? Yes, this is a true story, and History Key will unlock it for you.

In 1766 Christian VII became the King of Denmark. He was considered a strange character, some considering him even crazy, if we remember his habit to throwing food at his dinner guests, among other practices.

Christian VII of Denmark
Christian VII of Denmark © Image Source: alchetron.com

Strange practices are something common among aristocrats, but Christian’s new interest was something both strange and common. He developed a strange obsession with his penis, an obsession, which made him masturbate so often that it, became an issue related to his duties. During the 18th century, the “Stop it or you’ll go blind” myth was replaced by the conviction that masturbation will stop the practicer growth.

Christian’s masturbation was probably related to some sort of mental illness, an aspect that made him only a nominally king. He continued to have all sort of inappropriate outputs, like slapping people in the face in the middle of a conversation and of course, for absolutely no reason.

Christian VII of Denmark
Christian VII of Denmark © Image Source: ranker.com

Christian’s (mental) health problems made him came under the influence of Johann Friedrich Struensee, which was his personal physician. Slowly but surely, Struensee took control over the country, from 1770 to 1772 being “de facto regent” of Denmark. In that timeframe, Struensee developed progressive reforms, which eventually were signed by Christian VII.

After a failed marriage and a life dedicated to the worst excesses, Christian sank into a total mental condition, including paranoid episodes, hallucinations or self-mutilation. He was married to Caroline Matilda, with whom he had 2 children, Frederick VI and Princess Louise Augusta. Frederick will eventually take his father’s throne, becoming the new king of Denmark. An interesting part of the story forms around the fact that it is widely believed that Princess Louise was the daughter of Struensee.

Johann Friedrich Struensee was arrested and executed in 1772, following a deluge of modernizing and emancipating reforms. Christian VII signed Strunsee arrest and execution orders.

Between 1772 and 1784, Denmark was ruled by Christian’s stepmother, Queen Dowager Juliane Marie, his half-brother Frederick and the Danish politician Ove Høegh-Guldberg. From 1784, his son Frederick VI ruled permanently as a prince regent.

Christian VII died on March 13, 1808. He suffered a stroke at the age of 59. He was buried in the Roskilde Cathedral.

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