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The Mysterious and Unique Carved Discs From Volograd, Russia

Aliens and the unforeseen entities that rule our planet are always going to be a common piece of curiosity. When it comes to knowing more about life among the universe as a whole, humans are pretty lacking – there isn’t a lot of incredibly useful information for us to read about. Not too long ago, a team of investigators took it upon themselves to search through the Volgograd region of Russia, and the stuff they would uncover is something that would stick with them forever.

They unearthed more than a dozen different stone discs, all of which contain tungsten. Tungsten is a very high-density metal material, one that you would usually see being used in military equipment. That in itself is a spooky proposition, but that’s not all of it.

One of the carved disks found
One of the carved disks found ©

Nobody knows where these mysterious discs came from. A Russian news site, known as “Bloknot Volgograd” reported that the finding was headed by Kosmopoisk (which is a Russian UFO and Cryptozoology organization), with the leading hand Vadim Chernobrov handling most of the important choices.

UFO hunters were determined to understand these discs, and that had previously discovered many other disc-shaped stones in the past; but this time around, the scale of said disc is much larger than anything else they have ever seen.

Connections to a “New World”?

Since they’ve already found an abundance of these carved discs in the past, it’s a pretty popular sentiment to believe that these are of extraterrestrial descent. Of course, they resemble the image that you would usually picture of a typical flying saucer – the vehicle that “aliens” tend to use in movies and films. Although that is the case, it’s still the most practical means of travel for any extraterrestrial being to be making use of (but that’s an entirely different argument, for an entirely different article).

A miner holding up what was alleged to be a 'stone UFO' but is probably the result of concretation
A miner holding up what was alleged to be a ‘stone UFO’ but is probably the result of concretation ©

The fact that Tungsten metal is present in these findings is hard to believe because it’s such a rare substance to be seen outside of military grade vehicles and technology. Not only is it used in military equipment, but the items being created could turn out to be quite exclusive (as in, only the military will ever get their hands on said technology). Feeling like the Earth is connected to a new world is something we all want to come true, and this finding is just another step towards the right direction.

The Year of Contact

Contact is when we finally come into a connection with extraterrestrials, and the UFO investigation team firmly believes that these stone discs could be the key to unlocking alien secrets. They claim that the discs could be around a million years old, and also suggest that these discs could be military drones from a previous failed attack on Mars (where they malfunctioned and plummeted back down to Earth). There are even scientists jumping onto this hype train, as scientists from the Zhirinovsky museum are giving their opinions on the matter (and of course, they’re taking a much more realistic approach).

One of the several stone disks found in Volgograd. The nature of the discs remains a mystery
One of the several stone discs found in Volgograd. The nature of the discs remains a mystery ©

They plan on studying the discs themselves, trying to identify exactly how old it is and where it comes from. Some individuals that remain skeptic would say that the rocks aren’t even man-made, but something that was naturally developed through erosion.

The Findings Continue

As the years’ progress, it seems like more and more of these disc-shaped stones are popping up. Another one was discovered in Russia by an underground coal mining company, but this time it was in Siberia, specifically (Kuznetsk Basin). The incredibly strange relic was located about 40 meters underground, which would suggest that it’s a very old item. Archaeologists took a look at the item, which sported a diameter of 1.2 meters (and remained perfectly circular) was man-made.

Removing the saucer-shaped stone from the mysterious Medveditskaya ridge
Removing the saucer-shaped stone from the mysterious Medveditskaya ridge ©

There are a lot of claims surrounding ancient civilizations, and that they had to work with extraterrestrials for advanced technology. Although some people will scoff and look at you as if you’re crazy, others will agree with your sentiments. With all of these disc-shaped rocks coming into play, it’s hard to remove the thought of extraterrestrials (or simply, “aliens”) visiting our planet. The signs are there, but there is still no solid evidence to consider – all we need is one Snapchat video of an alien doing a keg stand!

I feel like that would do the trick, in regard to letting the average human know that aliens are real. All jokes aside, these disc-shaped rocks are intriguing; and we can’t wait to see if the powers that be will ever figure them out.

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