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The Super Soldiers of Stalin: How the media combined humans and apes

Stalin led the Soviet Union with an iron fist and a sick mind. At least, that’s you might think if you read the story of Joseph Stalin’s “Humanzee Experiments”.

The Russian, the Americans, the Chinese and most likely many others dreamed of Human-Ape hybrids, carrying out all sorts of sick experiments. The Cold War triggered bizarre and incredible stories for conspiracy theorists and for some other people. That made some stories to persist until today and probably made you believe that Stalin dreamed of creating super monkey soldiers. After all, why spoil good news with the truth?

The story circulated recently all over the internet. Yes, of course, it would be a news story, if it was the truth. However, it was fake news, suggesting that Stalin ordered to Soviet researchers to combine the humans with monkeys.

Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin ©

What was the idea of the Super Soldiers of Stalin?

Shortly, Ilya Ivanov was forced to combine people with primates to obtain super soldiers that could be used in wars. Everything would have come from Stalin’s mind, who dreamed at a “Red Frankenstein”: a hybrid capable to eat anything, to be quickly created and to have the skills of a monkey-man. Of course, they would have been used in farm work also because those creatures would not have rebelled.

So far, it looks like a Marvel movie in which the Soviets are the supreme evil.

Image for War For The Planet Of The Apes
Image for War For The Planet Of The Apes ©

In 1926, the order from Moscow was clear: to create the hybrid creature no matter what. In the same year, Ivanov received $200,000 from the authorities and left the country. He was heading to Africa to begin the experiments. Somehow, he was under the command of Stalin, who became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1922.

Stalin also took collectivization and agricultural exploitation to such a level that only the Russian after WWI could dream of.

However, here is where the story breaks. All articles, referring to Stalin’s soldiers, are referring to an article from “The Scotsman” which was published in 2005. The same article started the idea of the super soldiers. Otherwise, Ivanov’s experiments had different purposes.

Stalin’s Soldiers were a confirmation of evolution

Basically, he wanted to prove that the humans come from apes. In Stalin’s society, where God wasn’t present, it would have been a great advantage. And when he promoted his idea to the government, he said that demonstrating Charles Darwin’s theory, he could destroy the religion.

And here appears the idea of the human-ape hybrid. People from the government structures thought that it would not be bad if they could create the “new man” of the Soviet Union. The experiments would help propaganda, and if it were successful, then they could prove that they can do anything, even create new life.

However, Ivanov failed the experiments because he didn’t have the necessary tools and his superior’s started to lose their patience.

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov
Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov ©

Most likely, without being confirmed, Stalin had no idea about the project, only superficially. Ivanov was an intellectual, supported by his country because he could offer something in exchange. In 1930, the research was stopped and Ivanov was accused by one of his colleagues of being a country traitor.

Moreover, Stalin liked the Lamarck theory more than Darwinism, so he did not necessarily believe in Ivanov’s research. Lamarckism implies that certain characteristics of a species go to the next generation. For example, a bodybuilder should pass to his son the same muscle mass.

So, it sounds good when you say “Stalin’s super soldiers”, but remains a vague myth. A vague legend and probably an incomplete plan of a Russian researcher.

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