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The Time Capsule under the former Third Reich Training School

A very particular time capsule was discovered in 2016. Ok, but what would be a time capsule? History Key will unlock for you a new and unique story. Let’s start with the beginning, by explaining what exactly is a time capsule.

The time capsule is intended to be a historic cache of items, good of all sort and information. Usually is used as a form of communication with people from future generations, being also intended to help the future work of archaeologists and historians. Sometimes, these capsules are buried with specific occasions, for example during celebrations or the opening of a new building. Overall, they are made and placed with the intention that they will be opened and studied on a future date.

A good and early example of a time capsule is the Detroit Century Box, created on December 31, 1900, and scheduled to be opened 100 years later. The capsule was filled with documents, pictures and letters coming from many prominent residents of Detroit city. The letters from it were describing the life from 1900, one of the letters being addressed to the mayor of Detroit in 2000. The capsule was opened on December 31, 2000.

Even Steve Jobs had a time capsule, buried in 1983 as the “Aspen Time Tube”. Steve’s time capsule was discovered in 2013 by the hosts of the National Geographic show “Diggers”.

Part of the content from Steve's time capsule
Part of the content from Steve’s time capsule © Image Source:

All right, after this long prelude, let’s skip directly to the time capsule, which is the subject of this article.

During September 2016, the Polish city of Zlocieniec revealed a secret buried for the last 82 years. In 1934, a small time capsule was buried underneath a military facility, a former Third Reich training school.

The archaeologists were sure about the time capsule presence in the building’s structure, but the hard part was related to reach it, considering that they had to dig 20 feet underground, pass through flooded areas and concrete walls.

After working for several hours, they finally reached the time capsule, and all the efforts were worth it.

The time capsule at the moment of recovery
The time capsule at the moment of recovery © Image Source:

When finally the time capsule was opened, its contents offered a unique look into the past. But then also another question rose from the underground, together with the time capsule: who buried the capsule there?

The capsule was buried there in 1934 when the building was opened. Back then, the Polish town of  Zlocieniec was named Falkenberg, and the owners of the building opened in 1934 were no others than the Nazis.

Time capsule opened
Time capsule opened © Image Source:

All the items coming from the time capsule were perfectly conserved. This capsule was proved to be particularly interesting because its content was not the common content left in other time capsules. This one was carrying objects of ordinary use, items used by soldiers within the military facility, and depicting more likely a common routine and everyday life.

Newspapers, coins, a Nazi badge, photographs and copies of Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf were found inside the time capsule. Also, a book documenting 600 years of the history related to the Polish town of Zlocieniec was found in the capsule.

Overall, the capsule’s content was not of big ”money value”, but the historical importance was very high. All the items found inside the capsule were transferred to the National Museum in Szczecin, where specialists carefully analyzed each item in order to complete an inventory for them.

Inside the time capsule
Inside the time capsule © City Hall Zlocieniec
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